Welcome to Starpacc Global Logistics, Inc. (dba Friend In America) - Your number one source for Purchasing, Packaging, and Shipping Consolidation from North America!

Starpacc Global Logistics, Inc. is a shipping and logistic company headquartered 

in Vista, CA with loading warehouses throughout Unites States and Canada.


Our team of professionals looks forward to helping you with all your shipping and logistic needs from overseas, as well as your personal or business shopping from any US-based online company.


Shipping and Consolidation Specialists

We specialize in goods packaging, shipping and consolidation via air and sea freight from all ports throughout the United States and Canada. Click below for more information on our range of services.


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24/7 Online Purchasing

Personalized US address for direct purchasing through Amazon.com, Ebay.com or any other US-based online company unable to ship outside the United States. Click below to find outhow does it work!


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Our Motto!

The policy of our Company is to work as a partner with our customers as well as we our suppliers.  Our motto is - 'Give us the tools, and we'll do the job successfully'.  We believe quality and service is most important, competitive prices next.


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